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U.S. Criminal Defense Attorneys & Criminal Defense Lawyers

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U.S. Attorneys and Lawyers - Criminal Defense

Miami Military Justice Lawyer
Miami, Florida based Law Firm Providing military justice attorney, DUI criminal defense & commercial litigation lawyer service in both the Federal and State Courts.

Orange County Criminal Defense Lawyer
Defense Group is a Florida based Criminal Defense Law Firm advising clients from forgery to murder, misdemeanors from petit theft to domestic battery, traffic from speeding to DUI, manslaughter, all drug offenses and white collar crimes.

Miami Lawyer
Miami, Florida based criminal defense lawyer and attorney firm offering criminal defense services in both State and Federal Court.

New Orleans Traffic Tickets Lawyer
Bloom Legal is a New Orleans based Criminal Defense Law Firm advising clients about Katrina insurance claims, Personal injury compensation, DWI offense, traffic tickets problems, landlord/tenant issues.

California Marijuana Possession Lawyer
At WILL & WILL, LLP, lawyers have been defending against all types of marijuana possession crimes for years.

California Rape Attorney
The experienced, skilled and knowledgeable lawyers at WILL & WILL, LLP look after the cases of client accused of statutory rape.

Irvine Criminal Attorney
Will & Will is a full service criminal defense law firm comprising of experienced and diligent criminal attorneys and criminal lawyers with their law firms established in Los Angeles (LA).

Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney
Dallas Justice is a Texas based Criminal Defense Law Firm advising clients about DWI offense, Possession of Controlled Substance and other drugs,Sexual Assaults, Appeals, Expunge Records, Juvenile charges, White Collar Crime and Federal Criminal Defense.

Pennsylvania Truck Accident Lawyers
Pennsylvania lawyer attorney firm lawyer attorney real estate planning workers' compensation family divorce law criminal defense cases truck accident cases.

Criminal Attorney Minnesota
Minnesota based DWI attorney and DUI lawyer advises in Criminal Defense cases. Recognized as a leader in Minnesota DWI and DUI defense.

Dade County DUI Attorney - Florida DUI Lawyer

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