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 Recall Categories

Infants & Children
Walkers (27), Car Seats (28), Toys (650),...

Clothing & Accessories
Adult Clothing (44), Children's Clothing (105), Shoes (18)...

Food & Drugs
Food (10), Drug, Vitamins & Supplements (12)...

Health & Beauty
Cosmetics (5), Toiletries (2), Toothbrushes (2)..

Pets & Pet Care
Aquariums & Accessories (3), Pet Accessories (2)...
Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Buses, Autos, etc.
Vehicles, Automotive Products (11), Race Car Items (2)..

Operating Equipment
Blowers (9), Chain Saws (11), Gas Hoses (12)..

Outdoor Recreation & Sports 
Bicycles (120), Exercise Machines (31), Fireworks (17)...

Household & Office
Appliances (254), Furniture (17), Power Supplies (69)...

Music, Art & Hobbies
Arts & Crafts (22), Musical Instruments (1), Artwork (4)...

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