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Originally issued March 19, 1999
Revised November 7, 2001
Release # 99-082
Company Phone Number: (800) 880-6788
CPSC Consumer Hotline: (800) 638-2772
CPSC Media Contact: Ken Giles, (301) 504-7052
Kidde Safety Media Contacts: Quinn Hudson or Bill Crane, (800) 880-6788 Ext. 777

Note: Telephone number change

CPSC, Kidde Safety Announce Recall of Carbon Monoxide Alarms

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Kidde Safety, of Mebane, N.C., is voluntarily recalling about 1 million carbon monoxide alarms, including 650,000 Nighthawks and 350,000 Lifesavers. The Lifesaver models could alarm late or not alarm at all, and the Nighthawk models could alarm late. These alarms are used to detect carbon monoxide (CO), a colorless, odorless gas, leaking from fuel burning appliances. When they don't work, consumers can be unknowingly exposed to hazardous levels of CO, and suffer injury or death.

Kidde Safety and CPSC are not aware of any injuries involving these products. This recall is being conducted to prevent the possibility of injury.

The Nighthawk models included in this recall are all models manufactured between November 8, 1998, and March 9, 1999. The manufacturing date is on the back of the unit as year, month, day. "NIGHTHAWK" and "Carbon Monoxide Alarm" are written on the front of the unit. If "Carbon Monoxide Detector" is written on the front, the unit is operating properly and is not part of the recall.

The Lifesaver models included in this recall are models 9CO-1 and 9CO-1C manufactured between June 1, 1997, and January 31, 1998. The manufacturing date is on the back of the unit as the first six numbers in the serial number, located above the UPC code. The manufacturing date is written as day, month, year. "LIFESAVER" and "Carbon Monoxide Detector" are written on the front of the unit. Kidde Safety will help consumers identify whether their units are involved in this recall.

Consumers can participate in the recall by calling Kidde Safety toll-free at (800) 880-6788 between 8 a.m and 8 p.m. EST Monday through Sunday to identify whether their alarms are involved in this recall. If so, consumers will be sent a postage-paid envelope to return the alarm. Lifesaver models will be repaired, and Nighthawk models will be inspected and tested, and repaired if needed.

Kidde Safety has informed CPSC that consumers will receive alarms back within 30 days. All returned alarms will be recertified to UL-2034.

Hardware and mass merchandise stores nationwide sold these alarms beginning in 1998 for about $20 to $50. Consumers should not return the alarms to stores.

The initial symptoms of CO poisoning are similar to flu, and include headache, fatigue, shortness of breath, nausea and dizziness. Exposure to high levels of CO can cause death. CO poisoning associated with using fuel-burning appliances kills more than 200 people each year and sends about 10,000 to hospital emergency rooms for treatment.

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