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December 23, 1993

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Release # 94-029


Kmart Recalling Holiday Candolier Because Of Electric Shock And Fire Hazard

PRODUCT: Single light holiday electric candle decoration manufactured for Kmart and sold at Kmart and Builders Square stores during the 1993 Holiday season. The 300,000 Candoliers may be improperly wired and may also have untrimmed plastic around the metal portion of the plug.

PROBLEM: The improper wiring could cause a shock. The Candoliers with untrimmed plastic could pose a fire or shock hazard. The product may function properly but should not be used.

WHAT TO DO: Do not attempt to repair defective units. Consumers should immediately discontinue using the product. Beginning on Sunday, December 26, customers may take them back to any Kmart store or Builders Square for a full refund.

WASHINGTON, DC -- Kmart Corporation and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) urge consumers who bought single holiday candle lights called "Candoliers" from Kmart during the 1993 holiday season to stop using them because the Candoliers may be improperly wired; they may also have untrimmed plastic around the metal portion of the plug. The improper wiring and untrimmed plastic on the plug could lead to shock, thermal burn or fire. Consumers may return the lights to any Kmart store or Builders Square for a full refund.

When sold at Kmart stores, the single Candoliers were packaged in a clear plastic bag with a red cardboard package top reading "Trim A Home." The 10-inch single-light, cream colored candoliers item #04-12-11 sold for 99 cents and have a clear bulb. The identical Candoliers, sold at Builders Square, were packaged two in a single poly bag and sold for $1.97. The code number of the Builders Square model is #112 3397.

Kmart reported problems to the CPSC after testing the product in its Quality Assurance and Technical Design facility. Kmart has had one report of a house fire, but no injuries attributed to the Candolier. Kmart has been unable to confirm any additional information or details about the fire incident. Builders Square has received no reports of injury or fire. Both Kmart and Builders Square stores have been instructed to remove the merchandise from the stores' shelves.

When plugged in, the Candolier may present a fire hazard due to an excessive amount of plastic around the metal portion of the plug which could prevent a proper fit into the electrical socket. The Candoliers which have been improperly wired will continue to work but may present an electric shock hazard. Approximately 300,000 Candoliers were distributed at Kmart and Builders Square during the 1993 holiday season.

Consumers should return all single-light Candoliers to any Kmart or Builders Square store beginning Sunday, 12/26/93 for a full refund.

Consumers should note that this is the second year that Kmart has recalled the single candle Candolier. Kmart also recalled last year's Candoliers. All of the 1992 and 1993 Candoliers should be returned to any Kmart store.

CPSC's mission is to protect the public from unreasonable risks of injury and death associated with consumer products. The Commission's objective is to reduce the estimated 28.6 million injuries and 21,700 deaths associated each year with the 15,000 different types of consumer products under CPSC's jurisdiction.

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