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MAY 29, 1992

(301) 504-7908

Release # 92-089


Delair Group, Inc. Offers Replacement Parts For Certain "A" Frame Pool Ladders

PRODUCT: 52-inch "A" frame pool ladders manufactured by Delair Group, Inc. The affected ladders are model numbers X4932-01 and X4932-06.

PROBLEM: When pressure is applied, the handrails of the ladders may bend outward, creating a gap between the handrail and the side plate. This gap allows room for fingers or hands to become caught and injured.

WHAT TO DO: Consumers with these ladders should call 1-800-235-0185 to receive replacement parts that will connect the sideplate to the handrails; this will prevent a gap from forming.

WASHINGTON, DC -- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Delair Group, Inc. of Delair, NJ, is announcing a repair program of their 52 inch "A" frame pool ladders, model numbers X4932-01 and X4932-06. When pressure is applied to the handrails of the ladder, the handrails can bend outward creating a gap between the handrail and side plate. This gap allows room for fingers or hands to become caught and injured.

CPSC was informed of this potentially unsafe product by Delair Group, Inc. as a result of six consumer reports of children's fingers or hands being caught in the ladder. These children received injuries that included minor scrapes, severe lacerations, and a severed tendon.

Approximately 7,500 pool ladders were distributed from April 1990 through October 1, 1991. The ladders were sold by Delair under the "Patriot" trade name to swimming pool supply distributors and retailers predominantly in the Eastern United States.

The Patriot trademark is not affixed to the ladder. However, consumers can identify the affected ladders, model numbers X4932-01 and X4932-06, by checking the model numbers listed on the instruction sheet included with the ladder's packaging. Delair is in the process of obtaining customer lists from retailers and pool supply distributors so consumers who purchased the ladders can be contacted directly.

Consumers who purchased the affected pool ladders will be sent two new ladder sideplates, two new handrails and instructions on how to install the parts. The replacement parts are designed to connect the sideplates to the handrails. This will prevent a gap from forming when pressure is exerted on the handrail.

Consumers who purchased the affected pool ladder but have not already received replacement parts from Delair Group, Inc. may write to Patriot Manufacturing Co., 8600 River Road, Delair, NJ 08110. Consumers should give their name, address, phone number, the date they purchased the pool ladder, and enclose a copy of the sales receipt or a photo of the ladder for positive identification. Consumers may also call the company's customer service department at 1-800-235-0185.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is announcing this repair program as part of its mission to protect the public from unreasonable risks of injury and death associated with consumer products. The Commission's objective is to help reduce the estimated 28.5 million injuries and 21,600 deaths that occur each year from the 15,000 different types of consumer products within CPSC'S jurisdiction.

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