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November 4, 1974  
Release # 74-074

Safety Instructions Issued On Kemp Shredder

Erie, Pennsylvania (Nov. 4) -- Kemp Shredder Company of Erie, Pennsylvania, manufacturers of home shredder and cornposting equipment used for the shredding and cornposting of leaves, weeds, grass clippings, brush trimmings, garden residues, kitchen scraps, small sticks and similar material today issued the following instructions to owners and users of its models numbered or identified as SKO; 6-04; and 6-0, any and all of which were manufactured and sold by Kemp Shredder Company prior to May 16, 1973.

All owners and users of those models are hereby instructed that in the use of any of the models the operating instructions including the warnings contained therein as well as the warning placards and plates affixed to the machine should be read and the contents specifically noted.

In addition any owner or user should strictly adhere to the following instructions:

  1. Before starting the engine and during all times the engine is running put on and continue to use safety goggles of a type that will prevent any material from entering the eyes.

  2. Before starting the engine and during all times the engine is running use ear protection devices of a kind or type now commercially available and which reduce the noise impact upon the hearing mechanism.

  3. If at any time while the machine is operating any material becomes stuck in the hopper or any material accumulates at or near the front discharge door, shut off the machine immediately and allow engine to cool. Then use a three-foot stick of no greater than one-inch in diameter to clear the hopper or to remove the material at the front discharge door. Do not restart engine until these steps have been followed.

  4. Under no circumstances should any user of said models put any portion of his or her hands in any part of the machine while the engine is running, or attempt to hold onto materials being fed into the machine. Grasp sticks or twigs with index finger and thumb only while feeding shredder.

  5. Always be alert to the presence of youngsters near the machine.

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