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Note: Firm out of business. Please destroy or discard the product.

Originally issued August 7, 1996; Revised August 9, 2001 (301) 504-7908
Release # 96-182

CPSC and CSA Announce Exercise Machine Recall for Home Repair

WASHINGTON, D.C. - In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), CSA Inc. of South Easton, Mass., is announcing the voluntary recall for home repair of about 300,000 E-Force Cross Trainer exercise machines. The machine's welds may crack or break, resulting in injuries to consumers.

CSA has received 54 reports of people who experienced neck, shoulder, and ankle injuries from using the exercise machines with cracked or separated welds.

The silver metal exercise machine resembles a bicycle without wheels. "E-FORCE Cross Trainer" is written on black plastic guards on both sides of the machine, beneath the seat. To operate the machine, consumers pull the handlebars, which rocks the seat forward. This safety retrofit program involves only E-Force Cross Trainers and not the E-Force Rider or E-Force Sport.

E-Force Cross Trainer Exercise Machine

Retailers and infomercials sold the E-Force machines from March 1995 through June 1996 for about $180 to $249.

Consumers should stop using the machines immediately and destroy or discard the product. Firm is out of business.

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