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MAY 26, 1992

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Release # 92-087


Parker Hannifin Corp. Recalls 1/4-Inch Gas Hoses

PRODUCT: Approximately 60,000 feet of 1/4-inch gas hose commonly used in outdoor gas grills. All recalled hoses were made on September 3, 1991 and has lettering on the outside that reads: "5561 MH8749 UND. LAB. INC. R LIST L.P. GAS HOSE ISSUE No. D-1723 MAX WK. PRESS. 350 PSI (2.4 MPa) 1750 PSI BURST 09/03/91 C.G.A. Type I."

PROBLEM: Hoses may leak gas and could result in a fire and/or explosion.

WHAT TO DO: Discontinue use of products with subject hoses and return products to their place of purchase for replacement or credit. Call 1-800-472-6844 for further information.

WASHINGTON, DC -- In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Parker Hannifin Corporation of Cleveland, OH, is voluntarily recalling certain 1/4-inch gas hoses which may have been used in outdoor gas grills. These hoses are also used on tank cars and storage tanks that deliver liquid petroleum gas. The recalled hose may leak causing a fire and/or explosion. Approximately 60,000 feet of the subject hose was produced on September 3, 1991.

CPSC was informed of this potential hazard by Parker Hannifin Corporation after the firm was notified of the problem by one of its customers.

There have been no reported incidents or injuries associated with the product.

Affected gas hoses may be identified by white ink lettering printed on the outside surface of the hose. The lettering reads: "5561 MH8749 UND. LAB. INC. R LIST L.P. GAS HOSE ISSUE No. D-1723 MAX WK. PRESS. 350 PSI (2.4 MPa) 1750 PSI BURST 09/03/91 C.G.A. Type I." The subject hose was distributed from early September 1991 through December 1991.

Consumers are asked to discontinue use of products containing the subject hose and return that product to its place of purchase for replacement or credit. Consumers with any questions may call Parker Hannifin Corporation at 1-800-472-6844 for further information.

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