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July 22, 1986  
Release # 86-45

Gasoline Hose Swivel Connectors Recalled

Washington, DC -- In cooperation with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, Dover Corporation/OPW Division announced a voluntary recall of its Model 34 Hose End Swivel. The announcement also renewed calls for the return of OPW Model 33-C Swivels, which are the subject of a voluntary recall begun by OPW in August, 1984. Both swivels are used at Self-Service and Full-Service gas stations as connectors from the pump hose to the nozzle.

OPW Division and CPSC have been informed of 12 incidents in which the Model 34 Swivel failed, separating at the swivel elbow. An equal number of Model 33-C failures have been reported. A recent incident involving a Model 33-C resulted in severe burns to a service station pump user who was sprayed with gasoline which later ignited. The swivels were manufactured and distributed nationwide between May 1983 and May 1986. Approximately 31,000 Model 33-C's and 53,000 Model 34's may still be in service. Both are clearly marked with the model number.

OPW's distributors and customers are advised not to sell or use OPW Models 33-C or 34 Swivels still in use or in stock. Replacement swivels will be provided. A cash payment is being offered for the return of units already installed on pumps.

Distributors and service station owners who need additional information about the recall can call the OPW Division toll-free at l-800-422-2525.
Recalled Gas Hose Swivel Connector
Recalled Gas Hose Swivel Connector

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