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June 1, 1982  
Release # 82-024

Brass Craft Manually Operated Appliance Connector Valves Recalled

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in cooperation with Brass Craft Manufacturing Co., in Detroit, Michigan is voluntarily recalling approximately 112,000 manually operated gas appliance connector valves because drying of the valve lubricant may cause the valve to leak gas when in a closed position.

Brass Craft has already received approximately 77,000 units. The non displaceable rotor gas valves being recalled were manufactured between November, 1980 and July, 1981. They were distributed after January 1, 1981 to a variety of original equipment manufacturers, wholesale hardware/plumbing distributors and retailers for consumer use in connecting gas appliances such as stoves or furnaces where a straight pipe connection does not exist. There have been no reports of failure or injuries associated with the use of the valves.

The recall pertains to Brass Craft non displaceable rotor gas valves identified as:


or attached to connectors identified as:

SC2E (all lengths) SC3E (all lengths)
SC4E (all lengths) SClE (all lengths)
SD7L (all lengths)MSC4E (all lengths)
SD4L (all lengths)SC5E (all lengths)
SL4L (all lengths)SL7L (all lengths)

These valves are easily identified by a pyramid sign and the letters BC embossed on each handle. Any of these valves with a + (plus) sign shown ahead of the BC were manufactured after August, 1981 and are not included in this voluntary recall program.

Consumers should exercise caution when attempting to locate the valve and its model number. If any odor of leaking gas is present, consumers should not attempt to locate the valve but should instead immediately contact their LP or Natural gas supplier or appliance installer/contractor for assistance. When looking for the valve and model number, consumers should be careful not to use matches or any other ignition source which could cause any accumulated gas to explode.

Consumers who use one of these valves should immediately contact their appliance or furnace installer, the gas supplier or call Brass Craft collect at 313-871-0933 and ask for the Quality Assurance Manager for instructions to have a new control valve installed free of charge or call the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's toll free Hotline at 800-638-2772.

Connector Valve

Connector Valve

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