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March 11, 2005

CPSC, CF Roark Welding & Engineering Announce Recall of Bicycle Frames

The following product safety recall was voluntarily conducted by the firm in cooperation with the CPSC. Consumers should stop using the product immediately unless otherwise instructed.

Name of Product: Titanium bicycle frame for road bicycles

Units: 422

Manufacturer/Importer: CF Roark Welding & Engineering Co. Inc., of Brownsburg, Ind.

Hazard: The frames on these bicycles can crack and fail during use, posing a risk of injury to riders.

Incidents/Injuries: Roark has received nine reports of bicycle frames cracking, but no injuries have been reported.

Description: The recall involves custom titanium bicycle frames for road bicycles manufactured and distributed by Roark. The bicycle frames have a “Titanium” sticker on the top tube and a “Roark” sticker on the down tube. Every bicycle frame is built to the unique specification of each customer and has serial number and manufactured date located on the bottom bracket. Bicycle frames affected have serial numbers 001 through 422.

Sold At: Direct Web site sales from January 1997 through December 2004 for between $1,975 and $2,175.

Manufactured in: USA

Remedy: Consumers should inspect their bicycle frame immediately for a crack in the chain stay bridge area or return the bicycle frame to Roark for inspection. Contact Roark for shipping or delivery instructions, at Roark’s expense. The company will offer a $100 discount on their “frame refreshment program,” as an incentive for consumers who have their bicycle frame inspected by Roark. Bicycle frames that exhibit a crack in the chain stay bridge area will either be repaired or replaced at no cost to the consumer.

Consumer Contact: Call Roark toll-free at (800) 556-3163 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. CT Monday through Friday.

Picture of Bicycle Frames

Picture of Bicycle Frames

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