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March 28, 2002

CPSC, Tough Traveler Ltd. Announce Recall of Child Backpack Carriers

PRODUCT: Child Backpack Carriers - Tough Traveler Ltd. of Schenectady, N.Y., is voluntarily recalling 135 Kid Carrier™, Filly™ and Stallion™ child backpack carriers. These Tough Traveler® backpack carriers have metal contoured frames and were sold in color combinations of blue and teal, natural and teal, and slate and teal. A tag on the outside of the carrier reads "Tough Traveler® ." The carriers have a removable washable seat; a storage pocket; a loading stand; a padded hip belt; and other features. These carriers were sold through specialty baby products and outdoor products retail stores, and through the Tough Traveler web site and mail order 800 number from December 2000 through February 2002 for between $157 and $186. Only certain Kid Carrier™, Filly™ and Stallion™ carriers sold during this time are included in this recall.

PROBLEM: A child could fall from a carrier when the seat restraint strap is not doubled-back through the slider if the carrier's safety harness is not used. The seat restraint strap is located between the child's legs when the child is seated.

INCIDENTS/INJURIES: Tough Traveler has received one report of a strap slipping through the slider and the carrier's safety harness not being used. The child did not fall from the carrier. No injuries have been reported.

WHAT TO DO: Consumers should stop using these carriers immediately and contact Tough Traveler to receive instructions on doubling back the strap through the slider. Consumers can contact Tough Traveler at (800) GO-TOUGH Monday through Saturday, 10:00am to 3:00pm EST, or visit the firm's web site at to printout instructions, or email the company at Known purchasers were contacted directly by the company.

picture of recalled backpack

picture of recalled backpack

picture of recalled backpack

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