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December 31, 2001
Lite Machines Recall of Motor Speed Controller
Lite Machines Corporation of West Lafayette, Ind., is voluntarily recalling 375 Fusion 35 electric-motor speed controllers that it shipped with its Corona electric helicopter kits before December 2001. The Fusion 35 speed controller, a small printed circuit board with wires extending from either side, is packed in a clear plastic bag separate from other radio system components, and carries the identification "Fusion 35 #30499" on its front plate. These components were sold with the electric helicopter kits at hobby shops from November 2001 through December 2001 for about $60.
February 8, 2001
Toy Vehicles Recalled by Supreme Toys
June 24, 1993
Toy Helicopter Recalled by Suarez Toy House Of Puerto Rico
July 30, 1992
Lord Howards Inc. Recalls Toy Helicopters
June 20, 1991
Funny Zig-Zag Copter & Wind-Up Circus Wagon Recalled by McCrory
March 19, 1991
Action Copter & Land-Cruiser Recalled by Inventory Liquidators
March 14, 1989
Toys R Us Recalling 12,000 Baby Rattles
December 3, 1986
Flying Toy Helicopter Recalled by M.W. Kasch
September 26,1986
Flying Toy Helicopter Recalled by Reeves
August 19, 1986
Flying Toy Helicopter Being Recalled
July 22, 1986
Flying Toy Helicopter Recalled International Playthings
June 2, 1986
Flying Helicopter Toy Recalled by Woolworth
March 4, 1986
"Official Chopper 9" Flying Toy Helicopter Warning
January 26, 1984
Helicopters Recalled by Blue Box
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