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January 26, 2005
Polk Audio Recall of LSiW Powered Subwoofers
In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Polk Audio Inc., of Baltimore, Md., is voluntarily recalling about 670 LSiW Powered Subwoofers. Electrical components in the subwoofer can overheat and fail, resulting in electrical arcing and smoke.
December 26, 2002
Madrigal Recall of Subwoofers
In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Madrigal Audio Laboratories, Inc., of Middletown, Conn., is voluntarily recalling about 1,300 subwoofer speakers. A screw inside of the subwoofer can cause a high voltage short, which could cause a severe injury to consumers through an electric shock.
May 26, 1999
Tommy Hilfiger Infant Cardigans and Stereo Speakers Recall
The following product safety recalls were conducted by firms in cooperation with the CPSC. Tommy Hilfiger U.S.A. Inc. (Tommy Hilfiger), of New York, N.Y., is recalling about 3,800 infant cardigans. The cardigans' snaps can detach, presenting a choking hazard to infants. Polk Audio Inc., of Baltimore, Md., is recalling the mounting brackets that came with Polk M1, M2, AW/M2 (outdoor), RM5300 and RM5400 speakers. These wall-mounted speakers can have an insufficient amount of adhesive used in assembling the speaker's wall mounting bracket. They can fall off the wall, possibly hitting consumers.
April 17, 1996
Loudspeaker Recalled by Cambridge SoundWorks
In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer ProductSafety Commission (CPSC), Cambridge SoundWorks Inc., of Newton,Mass., is recalling 6,450 "Powered Subwoofer" loudspeakers thatmay overheat, causing the internal speaker cone to ignite.
May 3, 1991
Mitsubishi Electronics America Recalls Speakers
July 11, 1988
Loud Speaker Components Recalled by Electro-Voice
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