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February 5, 2003
Thomas & Betts Recall of Emergency Exit Signs
Thomas & Betts Corporation of Memphis, TN, is voluntarily recalling about 31,000 emergency exit signs. The recalled exit signs were sold under the Lightalarms, Emergi-Lite, and Dynaray brand names and can be installed in either 120-volt or 277-volt applications. Only signs with a red LED and installed in 277-volt applications need to be repaired. These emergency exit signs could be installed in public buildings such as schools, offices and shopping centers to mark an exit in the event of a power failure and loss of lighting. They have a white or black plastic housing and are 13 1/2- inches long, 8 3/8-inches high and 2 7/8-inches deep. Recalled units have a raised bead around the edge of the front face and a rectangular rocker switch on the bottom. The product make, model, and date code is located on a label inside the enclosure. The recalled emergency exit signs were manufactured between January 1997 and June 1999 and sold nationwide by electrical wholesalers and distributors for between $75 and $80.
August 29, 1995
Signs Recalled by Wayne Industries
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