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June 25, 2002
Candle-lite Recalls Martha Stewart Everyday® Brand Potpourri Simmering Pots Sold at Kmart
In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Candle-lite, of Cincinnati, Ohio, is voluntarily recalling about 80,000 ceramic potpourri simmering pots sold under the Martha Stewart Everyday® Brand. Flames from the tea light candles inside these potpourri pots can flare out of the side ventilation holes, possibly causing burns to consumers.
December 17, 1996
Holiday Candle Holders & Potpourri Pots Recall
June 19, 1996
Potpourri Burner Recalled by Bath & Body Works
In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission(CPSC), Bath & Body Works Inc. of Columbus, Ohio, is recalling about18,700 ceramic potpourri burners. The ceramic potpourri burner may containhairline cracks that can cause the burner to fracture or shatter while inuse. As a result, people can be burned by hot wax and potpourri.
May 3, 1995
Potpourri Cooker Recalled by New Creative Enterprises
In cooperation with the U.S. ConsumerProduct Safety Commission (CPSC), New Creative EnterprisesInc. of Cincinnati, Ohio., is recalling 100,000 electricpotpourri cookers, items number 32872, 32881, 32882, 32883,and 92891. The cookers present an electric shock hazard.
May 4, 1994
Walgreen Co. Recalls Its Electric Potpourri Pots
May 22, 1991
Kmart Recalling Gift Gallery Potpourri Burner
November 16, 1989
Kmart Recalling Ceramic Potpourri House
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